SPD One Wave Pad

How to add and edit samples

Course on how to add and edit samples of your Roland SPD::ONE WAV PAD - layer types and play modes explained in 11 tutorials plus a free sample pack for you to playaround with and play to.

This course covers as well how you can create click tracks and count ins in Ableton Live, file format issues and much more - check it out.

------NOTE: This course WAS free and on a donation base---------

Unfortunately donations didn't quite worked out, so I decided to set a price tag here.

I'm sorry about this decision but having people taking this course in the hundreds and not having received donations from more then only 3 people brought me to that decision.

Please check out the course anyways and if it is not for you, request for a refund within the first 30 days after purchase.

Your Instructor

Tobi Hunke
Tobi Hunke

Musician/Composer/Ableton Instructor and drum teacher - touring Germany, England, Japan, France, Spain, Switzerland,Denmark and more, production of over 10 physical/digital releases.

Diploma in Performing/Composing Popular Music, British Academy of New Music, London.


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