SPD SX Scenes up and down

To download the M4L devices go to the first lecture of this module. If you are not enrolled in this course please check out the whole course curriculum of this course and consider to enrol this way: https://abletonkurse.teachable.com/p/spd-sx-with-a...

You can download the device here as well, please consider donating a few bucks. https://gum.co/rErcT

In this tutorial I forgot to mention that you can set different behaviours for scene selection, scene launch and scene record in your preferences. This might be interesting for you to change to your needs depending on what status and function you want to archive with the "MOVE SCENES" M4L device. My preferences are set like on the image below, this way I get full control over the move up/down and starting functions of the M4L device.

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